Seeing Machines is an award winning technology company with a focus on vision based human machine interfaces. Seeing Machines technology platform is based on world-leading computer vision processing technologies that allow machines to see and track human faces and certain facial features. These technologies enable the development of new cutting edge products and applications, ranging from devices that improve road safety & save lives, to those that help manage eye disease and prevent loss of eyesight.

The company’s focus is on deploying its computer vision technologies, worldwide, in:

  • Driver/operator safety products for transport markets through the DSS product range;
  • The TrueField Analyzer® (TFA) product for vision testing devices for healthcare markets;
  • New products in a range of markets including sports, entertainment, robotics and security through our faceAPI product; and
  • Human performance measurement through our faceLAB® product.

See the Company’s Board of Directors page for further details about Seeing Machines and our people.