Building on the success of DSS deployment across our customer base and in response to requirements for a holistic approach to managing fatigue, Seeing Machines is pleased to announce the establishment of its fatigue consulting services. The team has hit the ground running and has commenced working with customer’s who are already using DSS to provide them with greater insight on how to proactively manage the risk of fatigue and to reduce the risk of an accident.

The professional team is adding value by offering the following services to Seeing Machines customer’s and other organizations who are dealing with this complex area:

  • Benchmarking the fatigue risk management framework and practices being adopted across the business,
  • Providing leading edge training on the risks associated with fatigue, the actions and strategies management can adopt to manage fatigue and the practices individuals can adopt to improve their quality of life by managing fatigue,
  • Reviewing the work schedules and rosters in place using an independently validated model which is regarded the most accurate predictor of fatigue, and;
  • Analysing the data gathered through DSS and DSSi to provide greater insight into the impact of fatigue on the business. This includes looking at productivity, costs, health and safety and other measures which are impacted by fatigue.

The mining industry has been looking at various solutions to managing fatigue and reduce the impact it has on its operations. It is well known that there is no silver bullet solution to fatigue management, however, a shared responsibility model needs to be adopted to address the various factors which need to be considered for a comprehensive, holistic fatigue management solution. The Seeing Machines fatigue consulting service team has the experience and practical knowledge to assist organisations with their approach to managing fatigue.