About DSS

DSS reduces fatigue-related driver risk

The 24/7 demands of mining operations can increase the risk of fatigue-related incidents for vehicle operators and those working around them. Seeing Machines’ DSS reduces that risk by making driver safety the priority. The DSS solution is a robust, automatic platform that uses cutting edge eye tracking algorithms to detect operator drowsiness and distraction. It has been specifically designed for straightforward deployment into vehicles & environments where fatigue and attention must be monitored and managed in real time.

How DSS works

The DSS-IVS (in vehicle system) uses a small, console-mounted camera to track operator eye behavior, determine the driver’s drowsiness state and detect micro sleeps the instant they occur. Audio and seat vibration alarms immediately alert the operator, and site dispatchers are notified of incidents in real-time.

The flexible, non-contact solution

The DSS system works equally well day and night, even if an operator wears tinted safety glasses or prescription eyewear. And unlike other companies’ solutions that require drivers to wear awkward proprietary “tethered” glasses with infrared eye sensors or caps with brain monitoring electrodes, DSS is non-contact and requires no calibration. Your drivers just get in and drive. Nothing could be easier.

DSS Advantages

  • Driver not required to wear special equipment;
  • Real-time detection of drowsiness & distraction; and
  • In-cab alerts provide last line of defense against accidents.