faceLAB 5


Characteristic faceLAB 5
Head data Head position
Head rotation
Eye data (for each eye) Eye position
Eye rotation
Eye gaze position against screen
Eye gaze position against world model
Pupil diameter
Eye vergence distance
Saccade events
Eyelid data (for each eyelid) Blink events
Blink frequency
Blink duration
Eyelid aperture
PERCLOS fatigue metric
Facial feature data Eyelid behavior
Lip behavior
Timing data Experiment frame number
Head Rotations Tracking and recovery up to +/- 90° around the y-axis
Tracking and recovery up to +/- 45° around x-axis
Gaze Rotations Eye rotations of up to +/- 45° around the y-axis
Eye rotations of up to +/- 22° around the x-axis
Head Box Horizontal tracking range up to 0.35m (13.8”)
Vertical range up to 0.23m (9”)
Distance range up to 0.6m (23.6”)
Tracking Accuracy Typical static accuracy of head measurement within +/- 1mm of translational error and +/- 1° of rotational error
Typical static accuracy of gaze direction measurement 0.5-1° rotational error