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Ken Kroeger

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Ken has had three years of successfully leading SM into the brave new technology world. As a technology entrepreneur Ken has a track record of successful start-ups and opportunity development. The right head to lead SM through its current growth spurt.

Paul Angelatos

Chief Operating Officer

After a first career in the Australian Defence Force, mostly spent in Command, Logistics and Operational roles, Paul transitioned to the commercial world with Halliburton and KBR. The experience Paul gained in establishing the support arrangements for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad and then supporting the reconstruction of Iraq's oil infrastructure in Basra, has allowed him to bring an enormous wealth of experience to Seeing Machines operations globally. From manufacturing (Shenzen, China) to shipping (Hong Kong), to installation and customer support (global), monitoring (Tucson, AZ), Sales (Global) and Engineering (Canberra/Tucson), Paul’s teams provide the backbone of our product development, sales, delivery and support.

Mirza Kozarcanin

Vice President OEM Partnerships

Increasingly our global OEM partnerships underpin our growth into new and emerging markets. The strength of our potential will be measured by the relationships we enjoy with our OEM partners. Mirza Kozarcanin’s strong record in developing such relationships drives our goal to cement the partnerships for the future.

Buzz Dean

Senior Vice President Engineering

Buzz’s long track record of success in Silicon Valley (Apple, among others) guides our global engineering efforts; Canberra, Mountain View CA, Tucson AZ.

David Nagy

Senior Vice President Product Management

David is responsible for our product-market strategy, corporate and product positioning, product management, and ultimately leading the company to create the right products for our long term business and the markets we serve. David has a diverse background in Silicon Valley developing a range of successful products, including at Apple, Evernote, Dell Wyse, and startups acquired by Symbol, Motorola, and Trimble.

Brent Wijnberg

Business Development, Asia-Pacific Region

With some of the world’s largest mining sites operating in Australia using the SM Driver Safety System (DSS), Brent has the knowledge of these reference sites and offers the benefit of extensive lessons learned. Brent’s extensive knowledge of product, installation and support provides outstanding customer opportunity to reduce fatigue incidents at their sites.

Chris Pillott

Business Development, Europe Africa Middle East Region

Based in Dubai, Chris brings 10+ years regional BD experience to customers in Europe, Africa and across the middle-east. With extensive experience in the complexities of the oil & gas industry, Chris is very well positioned to offer the relevant support and back-up required to introduce fatigue management systems to the region.

Rodrigo Alvear

Business Development Latin America Region

Working with our Chile based JV partners (Seeing Machines Latin America - SMLA) Rodrigo provides our LATAM customers both industry (5+ years) and local knowledge. Working with our SMLA partners, Rodrigo provides the expertise to provide workable solutions in local environments which support greater mine safety, productivity and saves lives.

Tim Edwards

Chief Technical Officer

As SM’s CTO, and a co-founder, Tim offers unparalleled technical and industry knowledge of operator monitoring core technologies. Tim leads our technology team efforts globally.

Sebastien Rougeaux

Chief Scientific Officer

With 20 years experience developing computer vision algorithms, Seb has been driving innovation in face and gaze tracking technology since co-founding Seeing Machines in 2000.

John Noble

VP Emerging Technologies

With leadership in our gaze-tracking development, John has worked with the world’s largest aviation and automotive OEMs and the research community to support the introduction of this future technology today.

Rodney Stewart

Principal Hardware Architect

After a career change, Rod specialises in developing ground-breaking hardware solutions.

Matthew Bryant

Core Technology Development Manager

As the team lead of our Engine Software Group, we craft tracking "engines" for our customers. These applications range from driver safety to tablet computers to 3D televisions.

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