TfL Bus Safety Innovation Fund – RATP teams up with Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines

In November 2017, Transport for London (TfL) awarded a £500,000 fund to six bus operators to develop new ideas that would improve safety across London’s bus network.

RATP Dev London (RATP) teamed up with Seeing Machines to promote the idea of trialling Guardian across their fleet in an effort to manage and improve driver fatigue and distraction. RATP employs well over 3,000 people, maintains a fleet of close to 1,200 buses and is responsible for 70 bus routes across the London network.

Recognising that driver fatigue and distraction is a big problem in the transport industry, RATP believe that Guardian will help them identify volume and duration of fatigue and distraction events – something that they are currently unable to quantify but are aware presents a major hazard to the safety of drivers and their passengers, not to mention other road users. While the trial will help them understand the issues in more detail, with help from Seeing Machines and Guardian, RATP will be able to tackle the issue with training, shift pattern review and education. The real-time in-cabin alerts will also provide major benefit to the process by preventing incidents before they occur.

The joint proposal was approved by TfL and RATP and Seeing Machines has been awarded £90,000 to test Guardian across 74 vehicles covering 2 of their 70 bus routes over 3 months. This funding will cover training of RATP engineers, unit costs, shipping and installation of Guardian into each vehicle as well as 24/7 monitoring fees. In addition to this, Seeing Machines Chief Scientific Officer – Human Factors, Dr Mike Lenné, will consult to the project to oversee data collection and analysis which will ensure that the outcomes are closely associated with TfL objectives and apply directly to the London bus network.