Seeing Machines Announces New Automotive Design Award

Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines is delighted to announce a further program design win with an additional premium German Automotive OEM to deliver its FOVIO driver monitoring technology into new automobile models, planned for mass production from 2021.

Seeing Machines has been selected in conjunction with three major Tier 1 automotive suppliers to deliver the program covering much of the OEM model portfolio

With an estimated revenue value of A$25M based on initial included models and lifetime volume projections, this program is expected to be classified as a large value program (according to previously provided guidelines). However, volume projections can change materially and, as is typical in automotive industry contracts, there are no guarantees on the level of overall revenues beyond engineering milestone payments. Given Euro NCAP’s inclusion of Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) as a proposed primary safety feature in their “Road Map 2025” from 2020, the Company believes that there is significant potential for the OEM program to grow significantly in revenue through increased DMS feature penetration and volume across all vehicle models.

Seeing Machines’ FOVIO driver monitoring platform uses advanced machine vision technology to precisely measure and analyse head pose, eyelid movements and eye-gaze under a full spectrum of demanding lighting conditions, including through sunglasses. This data is processed to deliver real-time information on driver attention state, focus, drowsiness and impairment levels. DMS technology is typically used to enable intelligent ADAS and semi-autonomous driving systems as well as enabling advanced new display, safety and convenience features.

Nick DiFiore, General Manager of Automotive at Seeing Machines, commented: “This further award in Europe is evidence of our technology leadership as we continue to expand our position with premium Automotive OEMs to deliver world-class driver monitoring technology. We are thrilled to be working with an industry leading OEM and look forward to increased opportunities for our Automotive business in general around the world, as we further grow our ecosystem of Tier 1 partners to deliver our FOVIO platform products.”