Priority Ambulance trials Guardian

Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines’ driver fatigue and distraction solution for commercial fleets,  “Guardian“, has been installed in an ambulance, a world first, in an effort to reduce fatigue and distraction-related accidents in this industry notorious for long shifts.

Seeing Machines’ Joe Mancini spoke to ABC15 Arizona to explain how Guardian works and the recent implementation of the technology in a trial in Maricopa County, Arizona with Priority Ambulance.

Priority Ambulance, America’s fastest-growing private ambulance service company that serves more than 400,000 patients annually, is trialling Guardian in their fleet of emergency response vehicles.
Statistics released by OHSA, NHTA and the National Safety Council show that emergency response vehicles are 13 times more likely to be involved in an accident in the US, with 40% of those accidents due to driver distraction or negligence. This world first trial will ensure that Priority Ambulance’s EMTs (Emergency medical technicians) and first responders are protected from fatigue and distraction in real-time to allow them to focus on getting to their patients, quickly. 

Priority Ambulance, who were recently recognised at the AMBY Awards for their innovation and safety programs, are early adopters of this technology and are setting the safety benchmark in the emergency response industry.

See the interview below: