Euro NCAP tests automated vehicles for the first time

Seeing Machines

For the first time, Euro NCAP has put automated vehicle technology to the test.

Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP Secretary General said,
“Euro NCAP’s message from these tests is clear – cars, even those with advanced driver assistance systems, need a vigilant, attentive driver behind the wheel at all times.  It is imperative that state-of-the-art passive and active safety systems remain available in the background as a vital safety backup.”

Seeing Machines is delighted with this news, as it clearly reinforces the requirement for camera based Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) to ensure drivers remain in control of the car and the task of driving. 

A summary of the report’s conclusions are below and a link to the article in full is here.

  • No car on the market today offers full automation or autonomy.
  • Cars on the market today can provide driver assistance but this should not be confused with automated driving.  The driver remains fully responsible for safe driving.
  • Used correctly, this technology can help the driver to maintain a safe distance, speed and to stay within the lane.
  • These systems should not be used in situations they are not designed for and should not be relied upon as an alternative to safe and controlled driving.
  • Different manufacturers have implemented different approaches to the application of driver assistance technologies in terms of the level of assistance given to the driver.
  • Euro NCAP’s tests assess and highlight these differences and the varying degree of driver support each manufacturer provides.

We await the next steps in the regulation of DMS, along with other safety focused technologies to ensure roads are safe as automotive technology continues to evolve.