The Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics, October 2018

Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines sees Driver Monitoring System (DMS) market intensify.

“Automotive regulatory bodies in the United States, Japan and especially in Europe are focusing new attention on camera-based driver monitoring systems (DMS) as a way to not only reduce the number of accidents caused by drowsy or  distracted drivers, but also as an essential part of semi-autonomous driving systems today and fully autonomous driving systems in the future.”

Kevin Tanaka, Senior Director of Marketing in Seeing Machines’ Automotive business, spoke to Paul Hansen about the DMS market and how important it is, and will continue to be, to understand the state of the driver as automotive technology evolves.

Read Paul Hansen’s article here to understand what’s happening in the industry and how DMS is set to continue to be a critical component of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems around the world.