Dr Mike Lenné speaks to The Australian about driver response time with autopilot

Seeing Machines

Philip King, Motoring Editor of The Australian, spoke to Dr Mike Lenné – Chief Scientific Officer, Human Factors about how Seeing Machines is using their driver monitoring technology to contribute to the issues surrounding the emergence of automated vehicle technology. 

Dr Lenné will address the International Driverless Vehicle Summit in Adelaide this week, to present initial findings of the ACT Government funded CAN drive trial, a study focused on driver behaviour using autopilot.

“There is concern about how driver behaviour and vehicle function – over the next one to two years in particular – could impact safety,” Mr Lenné said. 

“If you don’t have a way of monitoring how attentive the driver is, and you allow them to use this system on public roads, in mixed traffic, at high speeds where you have no control over how long the driver is looking off-road or whether they have their hands off the wheel for long periods, then that is almost a perfect storm.”

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