Mine technology may wake tired pilots

Seeing Machines

by Robyn Ironside, Aviation Editor, The Australian 5 March 2019

Groundbreaking technology used to detect and wake up drowsy truck drivers on mine sites is now attracting interest from the aviation industry, including airlines Qantas and Emirates.

Developed by Canberra-based company Seeing Machines, the technology scans drivers’ eyes for signs of drowsiness and then sounds an alarm or triggers seat vibrations if the eyes close for more than a couple of seconds.

First developed for mining companies, the eye-tracking technology has been widely adopted by the automotive industry and is being investigated for air traffic controllers and airline pilots.

Seeing Machines general manager of aviation Patrick Nolan said the firm had partnered with airline pilot training company L3 Commercial Aviation and was in talks with Qantas about how the technology might be used in flight simulators, as well as in the cockpit.

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