Dr. Mike Lenné speaks to Proactive Investors about the driver monitoring revolution

Seeing Machines

Professor Mike Lenné, Seeing Machines Chief Scientific Officer – Human Factors, sat down with Andrew Scott of Proactive Investors to discuss the impending driver monitoring revolution. The conversation focuses on Seeing Machines unique technology advantages and touches on the crucial role of human factors research in the development of operator monitoring technologies.

“This is not about flashy demonstrations, this is about really robust, rigorous operator monitoring technology that has to work, all the time, for everybody, in every vehicle, in all conditions.” said Dr. Lenné.

Dr. Lenné also considers the global impacts of European Parliament and Euro NCAP regulation, saying “We know in Australasia, South East Asia and the United States, everyone is looking to Europe to see how the process of introducing these regulations will go, how the industry will respond.”

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