Improved operational and organisational capabilities for pilots: Whitepaper

Seeing Machines

Head-Up Displays (HUDs) and Head-Up Guidance Systems (HGS) introduce value beyond real-time gaze tracking. When integrated with eye-tracking solutions during training, guided by instructor and pilot input, and supported by visual and instructional learning tools, these systems can build up additional safety, organisational, and operational capability drivers for aircrews, especially  midst rising demands.

Seeing Machines, together with Captain Matthew Gray, have published a whitepaper which discusses the combination of eye-tracking with HUD to add value beyond reduced errors and increased situational awareness. The paper demonstrates how this combination will help maximise training efficiency and effectiveness through enabling Competency- and Evidence-Based Training; supporting data driven training programs; extracting instructors’ high-value knowledge and experience; and fostering effective brief, debrief and learning opportunities. 

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