Technology to make the roads safer

Seeing Machines
Vehicle occupants, other road users and pedestrians are benefiting from the increasing amount of safety technology being built into vehicles as standard equipment. 

Canberra, 14 November – Professor Mike Lenné, SVP of Fleet and Human Factors, spoke to Jon Knox of Automotive Industries about driver monitoring technology and its impact on road safety.

“As a leading provider of monitoring solutions, Seeing Machines is well positioned to define issues around driver state assessment concepts and the supporting technology. Seeing Machines has developed occupant state monitoring solutions for nearly 20 years, and we’re actively leveraging our deep experience with our customers and groups like Euro NCAP to better shape driver safety protocols.

“Our human factors-led (collaboration with customers and research partners) approach, combined with the data collected from our Guardian product, offers us a competitive advantage and drives the validation and development of our technology. We frequently join forces with industry and regulatory bodies to help shape proper protocols based on results from our numerous private and public partnerships and the mandatory installation of DMS in all new car models sold in Europe starting as soon as 2022.

“However, the industry is waiting to understand how they are going to meet requirements put forward by safety technology requirements. If camera-based monitoring is mandated by 2022, OEMs will need to make technology sourcing decisions in the next six to nine months in order to meet the regulatory timeframes and achieve the best possible safety ratings. Given that this is still a relatively new technology for the industry we are seeing OEMs expanding their supply network to incorporate specialist providers of this technology, like Seeing Machines, to provide robust solutions and meets the needs of consumers, regulators and legislative bodies.”

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