Seeing Machines’ response to COVID-19

Seeing Machines

Canberra, 16 March 2020 – The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the most challenging global threats of our time.

Our team at Seeing Machines believe we have an important role to play in ensuring global supply chains can safely deliver essential goods, medicines and supplies at this time. Through Guardian, we deliver real time fatigue and distraction protection to thousands of trucks around the world.

Guardian can mean the difference between people and essential goods arriving safely or not at all. In understanding that Seeing Machines’ technology and services play an important role in safeguarding the transport sector and global supply chains, we have taken important steps to ensure our business operations will continue to operate with the same high level of service our customers rely on at this challenging time.

Safety is our priority

Several weeks ago, we took precautionary steps in line with our business continuity plan to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and suppliers. Importantly, we have taken steps to ensure our 24/7 Guardian® services will remain fully operational throughout novel COVID-19 pandemic. We believe this is essential to ensuring the safe transport of people and goods around the world during this time.

At our offices and in our 24/7 Guardian Monitoring Centers

In preparation, we have conducted operational readiness tests to ensure all our services can be delivered outside of our Australian and US office environments without interruption. Our global workforce is highly mobile with many employees routinely working remotely. During this time, we can operate our business remotely and will do so as the need arises.

In our offices, we have taken many precautionary steps to ensure the welfare and safety of our team including limiting face to face meetings. As a technology company, these measures have been easy to adopt as we are always using the latest tools to collaborate and communicate and value flexibility as part of the way our workforce normally works.

Our global partners and supply chains

With the support of our global partners, we have successfully safeguarded the supply of all major componentry necessary to assemble our class-leading Guardian® Generation 2 products. As the rate of infections declines in China, our manufacturing partners are ramping their operations up to replenish our current supply of Guardian® hardware. Many of our knowledge partners in Europe our working remotely. They continue to deliver into our long-term R&D commitments in the Automotive sector; we are appreciating their continued support.

What next?

In the coming months, everyone must do what they can in support of global efforts to combat COVID-19. Our team at Seeing Machines is ready and committed to ensuring we continue to support the transport sector so it can play its part. We will continue our commitment to our customers, staff, suppliers and the transport sector.