Attention turns to drowsiness and distraction technology

Seeing Machines

Canberra, 17 June 2020 – The revised General Safety Regulation, issued by the European Commission earlier this year, incorporates the requirement for all motor vehicles to have a system for drowsiness and fatigue detection installed in all new models from July 2022, and all new vehicles from July 2024, as reported by a UK magazine Commercial Motor.

A final technical specification of what exactly will constitute a driver drowsiness and warning system will be issued by the end of this year, and will help the industry to prepare in time for adoption in coming years.

As the magazine reports, this is only going to be the first stage of the process, with the second stage to follow up right after, requiring all types of vehicles to fit an advanced system for detecting driver distraction. This requirement will be applied to all new models from July 2024 and all new vehicles from July 2026.

“The rules under development are set up to be completely technology-neutral and will be based on performance requirements. The Commission is currently in the process of consulting the various stakeholders on the future requirements,” commented the European Commission for Commercial Motor magazine.

While there is still much unknown about the drowsiness and fatigue systems that will soon be required in all new vehicles, Seeing Machines is already supporting the global trucking industry with its world-leading Guardian technology dedicated to the reduction of fatalities and injuries on roads.

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