Guardian technology is now integrated within EROAD

Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines Guardian technology will now be integrated within EROAD’s fleet management software to help combat driver fatigue and make roads safer.

EROAD is a preeminent transportation technology company that offers fleet management software and products designed to improve driver safety, manage vehicle fleets and reduce costs associated with driving.

Seeing Machines’ world-leading Guardian technology utilises face and eye-tracking algorithms to detect fatigue and distraction, allowing proactive intervention before a risky driving incident occurs. Research conducted by Seeing Machines’ has found in-cab alerts reduce fatigue by upwards of 60 percent, employed in conjunction with a 24/7 monitoring centre analysis and intervention, the occurrence of fatigue decreases by an additional 30 percent. These reductions achieve a cumulative reduction in fatigue-related driving events by an astonishing 90 percent.