“I could not contemplate operating a heavy vehicle fleet today without Guardian.” – Mike Lean, CEO Wettenhalls

Wettenhalls has been providing transportation solutions across the eastern and southern regions of Australia for over 90 years. The fleet, which comprises 120 prime movers, 10 rigids and more than 250 trailers, services primarily the dairy, food and beverage, wharf services, construction, and general freight (local and interstate) markets.

Client Problem 
  • ZERO HARM vision = the Wettenhalls commitment to safety
  • A large fleet providing logistics solutions across an extensive geographical area
  • Ongoing fleet upgrade to embrace new technology in interests of safety and environment
  • Culture of rigorous driver training to promote well-being, personal development and safety awareness
  • Wettenhalls sought a solution to meet stringent criteria: proactive fatigue/distraction event intervention; ease of use and maintenance; and crucially, no burden for the driver
Client Outcome
  • Fatigue events decreased when implementation across the fleet increased
  • ‘Significant improvement in driver safety environment’ supports ZERO HARM
  • Drivers understand Guardian is for their safety, and are arriving for work properly rested
  • Drivers need only ‘get in and drive’
  • Management are not burdened by maintenance or operational issues
  • Guardian data and videos were powerful learning tools for management and drivers

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