Guardian has had a significant impact within the Rivet Mining Services business…the data has assisted us better understand and address our high-risk locations and times of day/shift..” Geoffrey Taylor, Regional Health, Safety, Environment & Training Manager, Rivet Mining Services. 

Rivet Mining Services (RMS) is an Australian provider of bulk haulage and onsite ancillary services to the mining industry. Part of the Rivet Group, a trusted provider of large-scale logistics and transport solutions, RMS operates over 100 quad trains across the key resource areas of Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Client Problem
  • Road-train drivers often navigate the identical route multiple times in a shift 
  • Driver complacency, distraction and fatigue are of real concern 
  • RMS believes: 
    • safety is key to success 
    • all injuries are preventable 
    • training and consultation are essential 
    • engaged staff = more risk-aware staff 
  • RMS is committed to ongoing improvement in HSE outcomes 
  • RMS sought to reduce driver distraction and fatigue-related accidents and rollovers 
Client Outcome
  • Increased awareness of the true levels of driver fatigue/distraction 
  • Real-time back-to-base alerts allow early intervention before accidents happen 
  • After 1 year, a “large reduction in the frequency of both fatigue and distraction, as well as rollover events” 
  • Guardian helps RMS drivers to manage fatigue and distractions proactively 
  • Guardian data assists management to identify and address high-risk locations, times or shifts 
  • “Guardian has had a significant impact within the Rivet Mining Services business”

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