“(Guardian) technology has proved extremely reliable, accurate… and we have been able to revise operational practice as risk mitigation. It continues to be a very valuable tool in our day to day business.” Darren Wood, General Manager, Ron Finemore Transport

Ron Finemore Transport (RFT) specialises in line-haul and inter-city freight solutions in Australia across four major divisions: general freight, liquid freight, temperature-controlled freight and bulk freight. Established in 2004, the company now employs more than 450 people, keeps a fleet of more than 225 prime movers on the road, and covers upwards of 50 million kilometers annually.

  • 225-strong fleet covers 50 million km annually
  • RFT aims to lead the way for safety in road transport
  • RFT has a clear commitment to “world’s best practice in driver and fleet safety”
  • Anecdotal evidence of driver fatigue incidents on the road
  • Management wanted real-time data to support their suspicions about driver fatigue/distraction
  • Guardian proved “extremely reliable (and) accurate”
  • Real-time, no-delay feedback alerts management to fatigue/distraction events
  • Management can now act on facts rather than anecdotes
  • Fatigue/distraction key take-homes: any time, any shift, anywhere, any driver
  • Guardian aids RFT reduce the risk of fatigue/distraction and develop fatigue management strategies
  • RFT and Seeing Machines collaborate with MUARC in the $6.5m ASTC study using Guardian technology
  • RFT is a “proud supporter” of Guardian

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