Guardian is used by leading transport and logistics companies worldwide and is proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%. So far, Guardian has intervened in more than 70,000 fatigue events and detected more than 3,500,000 distraction events.

Guardian Guardian

Don’t leave safety to chance – get Guardian on board.

Road accidents and the commercial transport industry. All too often they go hand in hand. With any luck, all that might happen is a schedule disruption, but if you’re unlucky, cargo may be damaged, people may be injured, or – in everyone’s worst-case scenario – lives may be lost.

Now, you can stop accidents before they happen, with Guardian, by Seeing Machines. Guardian is an intelligent driver safety solution that uses in-cab sensors to monitor in real time the driver’s levels of fatigue and distraction.

How the system works

Face- and gaze-tracking algorithms measure the driver’s head position and eye closure and, when safety parameters are exceeded, audio alarms and seat vibration are immediately activated. Guardian also features a forward-facing camera which captures critical information about road conditions at the time of the event.

When a fatigue or distraction event is detected, data and footage are immediately relayed to the 24/7 Guardian Centre, which then alerts fleet management and allows them to respond in real time to the developing situation in the cab.


Guardian - How it Works

Guardian Live

Guardian’s live database and weekly reports help management to understand individual driver behaviours and to analyse fatigue and distraction events in terms of the time of day, the location and speed of the vehicle.


Guardian Live Report Example

Guardian Integration

Guardian integrates seamlessly with telematics providers MiX Vision (by MiX Telematics), Geotab and others through a message queue service on the cloud.



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