It pays to be safe with Guardian


Now there are even more reasons to invest in the safety of your drivers with Guardian, Seeing Machines’ world-leading
real-time technology that reduces the risk of fatigue and distraction while driving.

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Big Insurance Savings with NTI

NTI Insurance Policy Benefits

  • No driver experience restrictions (All driver experience requirements are removed for vehicles with Guardian installed – applies to NTI Fleet policyholders only)
  • Excess reduction (Excess for any accidents reduced on vehicles fitted with Guardian by $2,500)
  • Market value plus (In the event of a total loss of a unit installed with Guardian, settlement can be Market Value plus 20% to a maximum of the sum insured)
  • Reinstatement of Guardian hardware (caused by damage in the event of a loss)

NTI and Guardian Financial Incentives

  • Premium adjustments
  • Guardian 24/7 Service Fee waived for one month
  • Data feed fee waived for individual data feed from Seeing Machines to NTI

Data Insights

  • Unique data insights using Guardian and NTI data to identify and address potential safety risks.’
Seeing Machines is proudly partnered with National Transport Insurance to keep your drivers safe.

Tax Benefits* for Australian Business Owners

Australian business owner? Read on!

Through the Australian Government initiative, you could be deemed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to be eligible for an instant asset write-off of the business portion of depreciating assets purchased and installed before 30 June 2022.

We understand the ATO rules to mean that you could be eligible if:

  • Your business has a turnover of less than $50 million;
  • You acquire a depreciating asset; and
  • The assets (e.g. Guardian) cost less than $150,000 each.

If you or your tax advisor determine that you are eligible, take advantage of this tax initiative before 30 June 2022 as the rules may change after that.

The above information does not constitute tax advice and Seeing Machines does not warrant the accuracy of the above information in all circumstances. Please visit the ATO website to find out more or seek independent financial/tax advice.


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