Two market leaders formed an exclusive partnership to ensure that the industry continues to move towards a safer and more sustainable future by encouraging operators to invest in technology which can make a difference.


Fatigue and distraction remain key contributors to incidents involving heavy vehicles, according to NTI’s latest Major Accident Investigation Report. NTI are actively promoting the use of Guardian in Australian fleets to promote improved safety for drivers, passengers and the Australian community.

This partnership recognises the investment customers have made to reduce risk in their business and work with them to maximise their return on this investment.

Australian fleets who have Guardian installed in their vehicles can now access a range of Insurance Policy benefits and Financial incentives in recognition of their proactive approach to the culture of safety within their fleet, bringing a stronger link between risk management activities and insurance.

Exclusive Partnership Benefits:

Insurance Policy Benefits

  • No driver experience restrictions (All driver experience requirements are removed for vehicles with Guardian installed – applies to NTI Fleet policyholders only)
  • Excess reduction (Excess for any accidents reduced on vehicles fitted with Guardian by $2,500)
  • Market value plus (In the event of a total loss of a unit installed with Guardian, settlement can be Market Value plus 20% to a maximum of the sum insured)
  • Reinstatement of Guardian hardware (caused by damage in the event of a loss)

Financial Incentives

  • Premium adjustments
  • Guardian 24/7 Service Fee waived for one month
  • Data feed fee waived for individual data feed from Seeing Machines to NTI

Data Insights

  • Unique data insights using Guardian and NTI data to identify and address potential safety risks.

For more information about Guardian by Seeing Machines, click here

Who are National Transport Insurance (NTI)?

As Australia’s Number 1 truck insurer, NTI and its National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTRAC) have been delivering essential trucking data since 2003, helping to make sustainable improvements to road safety across Australia.

Over the past five years, NTI has collaborated with transport associations to invest over $3m back into the transport industry at no cost to members. For more information, visit the NTI Website.

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