A world-first Fatigue and Distraction study

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Seeing Machines, already protecting over 200 commercial transport and logistic fleets worldwide with Guardian, is committed to world class product development as we continually enhance our best in class operator monitoring technology.

In partnership with Monash University Accident Research Centre, Ron Finemore Transport Services and Volvo Trucks Australia, Seeing Machines is leading one of the Australian Federal Government’s funded Cooperative Research Centre Projects. 

The Advanced Safe Truck Concept (ASTC), a A$6.5M project aims to reduce fatal truck crashes by developing new vehicle technologies, through the intense study of driver behaviour, in a range of settings, with a focus on driver fatigue and distraction.

Phase 1 of ASTC involves the testing of drivers in Monash University Accident Research Centre’s Advanced Driving Simulator, where humans are monitored in rested and fatigued states to achieve a better understanding of how drowsiness impacts driver safety and to better enable the prediction of safety outcomes.

The first of its kind in the world, the Advanced Safe Truck Concept links in-cab driver monitoring technology with the external traffic and roadway in real time. This is being carried out by fitting the Seeing Machines sensing suite to a number of vehicles in the Ron Finemore Transport Services fleet, and is known as Phase 2 – The Naturalistic Truck Safety Study, where on-road data is collected. The Ron Finemore Transport Services drivers will operate under normal conditions while the Seeing Machines advanced sensing suite collects real world data which will feed directly back into the study, providing unique insights into driver behaviour under various conditions.

Check out images from the successful media launch below.