As automotive manufacturers (OEMs) begin to introduce partially automated vehicles on the market, there is an evolving and widespread recognition for the need to monitor the driver in new ways. Today, Seeing Machines technology is being deployed into a number of OEM applications, but as this technology develops, we work with industry, governments and regulators to more closely understand the driver monitoring requirements, driver behaviour and apply this to the ongoing development of the company’s platform technology.

CAN Drive is one of the ways that Seeing Machines is collecting data on driver behaviour, to enhance the technology and keep people safe as automated technology matures in this market. Using Seeing Machines driver monitoring technology, this Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government sponsored trial will help Australia and the world understand how humans are going to interact with semi-autonomated vehicles in a real-world situation.

The ACT has a track record of embracing new technologies and the Government has provided funding for several trials to prepare for the introduction of various levels of autonomated vehicles to our roads, which will feed into the approach taken on roads more broadly.

With the increase in automation, the role of the driver will change. For example, level 3 automated vehicles are already registered for use on Australian roads, but the driver is legally in control of the car. CAN Drive will help us understand when and why, from both a safety and a regulatory perspective, a driver should be in control rather than the automated vehicle, and help to manage the transition from one to the other with reduced risk.

CAN Drive is working towards three key goals:

  1. to drive improvements in vehicle technology and road safety strategy,
  2. to drive community interest and acceptance of new vehicle technologies, and
  3. to cement Canberra’s reputation as Australia’s technology test-bed.

CAN Drive is now in testing phase and we are using a Tesla S75 to conduct first phase track testing, in partnership with Sutton Track where the on-road data collection component is currently being done.