Millions of people are injured and killed every year while driving. Cars equipped with our Driver Monitoring System understand driver behavior, allowing the next generation of vehicles to make better decisions to improve comfort, safety and automated driving.

In 1999, our founders predicted that cars would be the first true robots that people would own.

With first-generation semi-autonomous vehicles now available, that prediction is quickly being realised. We are building intelligent sensing technology for the automotive industry today.

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Our technology is now sourced for over 10 production vehicle models.
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Driving Intelligence

FOVIO is a pioneer in the emerging market segment of Driver Monitoring Systems and works with some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Our technology and Core IP is already sourced for over 15 production vehicle models and accurately measures eye and head position, driver attention, fatigue, and distraction by coupling sophisticated image processing with comprehensive scientific models of driver behavior and physiology.

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ADAS. Smarter. Safer.

As cars become smarter, the ways we interact with them will become seamless. Our Driver Monitoring System capability will provide an understanding of the driver’s state in real-time, enabling the car’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to make instant decisions based on a situational understanding of what’s happening both outside and inside the vehicle.

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Next generation Interface – HMI

Our Driver Monitoring System will enable OEM automotive manufacturers to design their Human Machine Interface (HMI) around the driving experience that will fit seamlessly into today’s precision engineered automotive environment. The HMI is a new way in which the car engages with the driver, interpreting volumes of data gathered in real time and understanding what is required of the technology, be it safety, delivery of information or personalisation.

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Your car as co-driver

Studies show that distracted driving is a contributing factor to a growing number of car accidents on the roads today. Our state-of-the-art gaze tracking and machine learning technology will help OEM’s and regulators increase automotive safety. FOVIO provides vehicles with the intelligence to better understand the driver and take over when necessary.

Visit the FOVIO website to discover more about how this cutting edge technology is helping to make driving safer for everyone.