Over 100,000 commercial aircraft take flight every day, and in the coming 20 years the number of commercial aircraft in operation – and major global airport hubs – are expected to double. This growth will place immense demands on the entire Aviation eco-system; more pilots, more controllers and aircraft flying closer together. Seeing Machines will help the industry satisfy the personnel needs of tomorrow, and enhance safety by optimising pilot and air traffic controller performance.

Our technology will support the Aviation industry to enhance safety and optimise pilot and controller performance.
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Helping pilots and controllers perform at their best

Commercial pilots and air traffic controllers are required to perform and accomplish complex, safety-critical tasks using highly sophisticated systems – whilst routinely enduring fatigue and high mental workload.

By detecting and mitigating fatigue, and monitoring situational awareness, we can help carriers and pilots optimise performance in line with task load and for critical phases of flight; as well as enable Air Navigation Service Providers to better optimise and allocate resources to safely manage increasing air traffic density.

Seeing Machines’ technology will introduce training providers to new data and intelligence, and enhance candidate selection, training and assessment.

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Enhancing next generation training systems

The unprecedented growth of the aviation industry is placing enormous pressure on aviation training providers, many of whom are already operating at capacity. As the industry prepares to recruit in excess of 500,000 new pilots to meet forecasted travel demand, training systems will need to be modernised to safely support pilot training and selection, and uphold integrity standards.

Our unique capability provides insights into pilot performance, from simulation-based training and assessment, to understanding pilot scanning behaviour during critical stages of flight – for both pilot flying, and pilot monitoring. Our technology will underpin next generation evidence-based training tools that will allow training providers and instructors to observe trainee gaze scanning patterns, and objectively identify scan breakdowns and missed information.

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Partnering with aviation leaders

Seeing Machines is proud to be a trusted partner of leading global aircraft manufacturers, avionics suppliers, and air traffic management equipment manufacturers. Seeing Machines continues to forge new partnerships to develop smart camera solutions tailored to help carriers and Air Navigation Service Providers enhance safety and optimise pilot and controller performance.

Pioneering vision based technology

Seeing Machines specialises in developing non-contact vision based systems that analyse eye and facial behaviour to understand operator attention and alertness. Our smart cameras have been deployed within leading aviation human factors research labs for over a decade, and our technology platform is considered best-in-class by the global transport community.

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