1 in 6 fatal crashes involves a drowsy driver. By detecting driver fatigue, Guardian helps prevent those incidents before they ever take place.

Guardian’s success in North America and Australia have led to the appointment of distributors in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, Middle East and the on boarding by Insurance companies like NZI Lumley and Qualitas to keep this growing sector safe. Guardian has initiated conversations to provide a completely integrated solution by partnering with leading telematics players world-wide.

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0% 1 in 6 fatal crashes involves a drowsy driver.
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Driving is one of the most dangerous things humans do on a daily basis and road accidents take an enormous toll on the fleet transport industry in particular.

Lives are lost, vehicles are off the road, cargo is destroyed and reputation and relationships are damaged. Often, the true cost of a crash is far greater than it seems.

The Guardian System reduces fatigue and distraction events by over 90%
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Using proprietary face and eye tracking algorithms, Guardian detects the symptoms of fatigue and alerts affected drivers in order to prevent costly incidents before they ever happen.

With the revolutionary combination of an in-cab driver sensor, a forward-facing camera and our unique 24/7 SafeGuard Center, Guardian provides an unparalleled safety system.

Over 2,000,000 events detected.
More than 30,000 interventions to date.

A proven system

Key to the Guardian System is the SafeGuard Program – a combination of service offerings that activate and respond when an event is detected. Analysts at our 24/7 SafeGuard Centre are trained to recognise and verify fatigue and distraction events, implement the Fatigue Intervention Plan and provide reports for ongoing policy optimisation.

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Find out how Guardian can help reduce costs and saves lives across your fleet.

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