Intense schedules, remote locations, long hours and repetitive tasks leave mining equipment operators especially prone to the dangers of fatigue. Coupled with heavy equipment and hazardous environments, even the smallest lapse in concentration can put operational people at risk and cost millions of dollars to the owners.

The Driver Safety System (DSS) offers best-in-class driver fatigue avoidance and management.
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Proven Solution

The DSS developed by Seeing Machines and produced exclusively though a multimillion-dollar partnership with CAT offers best-in-class driver fatigue avoidance and management.

Our non-intrusive, in-cab solution alerts operators the instant that they stop paying sufficient attention to vehicle operation. Real-time event data is then transmitted to a specialist 24-hour facility where trained personnel can implement best practice risk mitigation processes on behalf of your business.

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Trusted by the Best

As the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, Caterpillar is the trusted expert when it comes to mining innovation and safety.

Caterpillar Safety Services offers training programs to help leaders embrace the culture of safety excellence and tools to build engagement, accountability and operational excellence.

That’s why DSS by Seeing Machines has been chosen as their exclusive in-cab operator fatigue solution and is being rolled out for sales and implementation by their 180+ global dealers.

Thanks to our partnership, more than 5,000 DSS units are today protecting operations at over 50 open pit mines operations around the world.

Seeing Machines’ DSS technology is now available exclusively through the global CAT dealer network for customers engaged in mining, construction, cement and quarry, and forestry operations.