Seeing Machines started with four researchers and a vision: to make machines intelligent with the ability to help make the world a safer, smarter place and enhance our lives. That mission hasn’t changed since 1999.

Our People

Mike McAuliffe
Ken Kroeger
Sebastien Rougeaux
Tim Edwards
Mike Lenné
Nicole Makin
Paul Angelatos
James Palmer


Seeing Machines is a multi-award winning technology company based in Canberra, Australia. We save lives by building intelligent machines that see humans, and we specialise in computer vision algorithms that are able to track faces and eyes with high fidelity in real-world environments.

Our core technologies enhance vehicle operator performance and safety through real-time monitoring and intervention. Our people are the best in class and we operate in a dynamic, collaborative workplace. We export our products and technologies across the globe and have offices in Australia and the United States.

Innovation can come from anywhere. If you think your perspective can help the Seeing Machines vision, we’d love to hear from you.

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