Seeing Machines and New Zealand Insurance (NZI) team up to combat driver fatigue


Seeing Machines has recently partnered with NZI, one of New Zealand’s largest insurance companies to roll out a game changing initiative that allows selected NZI and Lumley customers to trial Guardian for free.

In 2011, 67 people died and a further 772 people were injured from road accidents involving trucks on New Zealand’s roads. This accounts for a staggering 23 per cent or all road deaths and 7 per cent of reported injuries, according to the Ministry of Transport’s Trucks 2015 Report. Fatigue was a leading cause behind these tragic accidents, and the social cost of driver fatigue in New Zealand was as high as $268 million in 2014 according to the Ministry of Transport.

At Seeing Machines, we are dedicated to reducing the number of fatigue and distraction related accidents that occur daily by partnering with other safety focused companies such as NZI. Paul Angelatos, COO says “This is an exciting opportunity to partner with a leading insurance company that shares the same commitment to safety and allows fleet owners to see the benefits for themselves.”

NZI’s National Manager of Commercial Motor, Ian Taylor says, “We know that fatigue is the silent killer on our roads and we’re making a commitment to do something about it. Accidents and fatalities caused through fatigue are preventable and we want to help.”

This initiative will have an immediate impact on New Zealand’s road safety with a reduction in driver fatigue and accidents involving heavy vehicles. NZI has ten Guardian Systems available to trial to NZI or Lumley customers over a six-week period. The selected customers will not incur any fees as NZI will cover the cost of all hardware, installation, and SafeGuard Centre costs for the duration of the six weeks.

The benefits of this initiative to NZI and Lumley customers are tremendous. NZI are eager to reward customers who install Guardian throughout their fleet by talking to their insurance broker to negotiate how they can be rewarded for their outstanding fleet safety practices. Guardian also generates valuable data for customers that identifies risk through detailed reports that drives continuous safety outcomes. Customers participating in the trial can work closely with the NZI Fleet Risk Management Team to use this data to create customised programmes for each driver in their fleet.

NZI and Lumley heavy motor vehicle customers interested in trialling Guardian should get in touch with NZI’s Fleet Risk Management team or go to to find out more.