Ken Kroeger
Ken Kroeger
Executive Chairman and Interim CEO

Ken joined Seeing Machines in 2011 as CEO. Under Ken’s leadership the company has been strategically transformed into a recognized industry leader in computer vision, eye-tracking and intervention safety products and services with leading customers such as Caterpillar, and is now poised for significant growth in automotive and commercial fleet markets.

Ken is a business visionary. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in Canada, with his commercial acumen developed from an early age, his understanding of computer technology was honed at the North Alberta Institute of Technology. His experience as a technology entrepreneur came to the fore when he moved to Australia in the mid-1990s and co-founded 3D simulation and training provider Catalyst Interactive.

Through various roles, and in his time running companies, Ken has had in-depth exposure to an incredibly wide range of industries, governments and defence/security agencies at an international level. This has allowed him to develop a solid understanding of how technology can be applied to help people and organizations perform at a higher or safer level.

Ken is now Executive Chairman and leads technology innovation to identify potential new markets within the organization on a day to day basis.