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A person’s face and eyes are windows to the soul. Reading them together in real-time can be incredibly helpful in developing an understanding of someone’s identity, emotion, health, intention or actions. All of these things are key contributors to a person’s ability to perform the immediate tasks at hand.

For over 15 years, Seeing Machines has been developing technologies focused on understanding a user’s facial characteristics in order to give machines a higher level of intelligence. With the arrival of ever more powerful and lower cost computer processing, mobile connectivity and the sophistication of sensors, machines are now able to interact with humans far more naturally than ever before. We are now leading the development of technologies that provide machines with a better understanding of the dynamically changing world around them and how to be empathetic towards the physiology and psychology of the person that is operating or interacting with them.

What We Do

Seeing Machines is a recognised leader in the application of computer vision related to the analysis of human faces and eyes. We are specialists in high-precision and high-reliability face and eye tracking for mission critical safety applications and are able to perform these tasks in extreme outdoor and indoor ambient environments.

Our non-intrusive, fully automatic, camera-based technologies do not require the user to wear any form of hardware or sensors. The technology detects and locates a human face and then tracks in real-time without any form of pre-calibration or prior knowledge of the subject. We are able to provide a variety of accurate head and eye related metrics including scientifically validated micro sleep direction and medical-grade pupilomitry.

Computer Vision background image

Computer Vision

Understanding an image comes naturally to humans but it’s not that simple for machines. In the Seeing Machines labs, we help computers analyse and identify human objects captured in each frame of video footage in order to better interpret behaviors, measure change and respond to situations.

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Machine Learning

Seeing Machines’ commercial experience with operator monitoring across the transport sectors provides us a unique and valuable data set that encapsulates millions of driving miles with drivers completing demanding shift work and long journeys.

Combining these extensive human behavioral data sets with constantly evolving computer algorithms allows our newest technologies to search for—and respond to—historical relationships, events, abstract patterns and trends in order to deliver unmatched levels of performance in the most challenging indoor and outdoor conditions.

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Head Tracking

Head tracking provides precise detection and measurement of the frontal area and sides of a subject’s face and head in real-time.

The fully automatic, camera-based technology of Seeing Machines returns a comprehensive model of the face that includes the coordinates of all facial features, their current state and their rate of change.

This includes a very accurate measure of blink rate and eyelid aperture.

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Eye Gaze Tracking

Eye gaze tracking is the measurement of where a person is looking. By directing a safe, invisible light source at a subject’s eye and then using a special camera to track the glint, we can interpret precisely where or what the subject is looking at.

When we combine this information with a precise understanding of the real world environment—such as the cabin of a car or cockpit of an airplane—gaze tracking can be used in real-time to help assess exactly how the subject is processing their visual surrounds.

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